Guru’s Giggles: It’s the Spruce!!!


This is the sort of silly ride home in Col’s car the Gurus often have! Tonight Beryl said she loved the spruce fragranced sachets we sell in our shop, and was taking some home.

Tony said “that’ll spruce you up”.

Col said “will you have Brussels spruce-ts with your evening meal, and then later put a Spruce Springsteen CD on?”

Tony joined in again with “have you seen Spruce-ster’s Millions?” Then he made a reference to “Spruce Grobbelaar, the well known goalie” and so on.

Is this just too sad for words?

About Beryl Maughan Hankin

I'm Beryl and Guru Boutique is our shop. It is an independent, fair trade business established almost five decades ago and located in Darlington, UK. I work there with my best friends Tony and Colin. In addition to my many other duties, I manage the blog and social media sites for Guru Boutique and look after my own personal activities as well. Growing up back in the 1940s I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined such a thing as the internet, let alone a blog. However, here I am over seventy-five years later in 2019 with not only the blog I manage for Guru Boutique but one of my own too. To quote Jerry Garcia "What a long strange trip this has been" - and it's not over yet! (Guru Boutique's logo is based on a Mayan harvest deity and my own profile sketch is by Mr Derek Hargreaves)

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