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OUR GALLERY – places Guru lived: Court Arcade (late 1970’s)


One of Guru’s three units in Court Arcade in the late 1970’s – Window dressing by Lorraine Bailey! This arcade was ahead of its time, as it was a truly exciting and alternative place to be. Over the years there was a saleroom, a diner, a Spencers trousers shop, a couple of comic shops, an American clothing shop, a retro shop, a joke and magic shop, a wool shop, several record shops (including ours), a pet shop (with snakes which sometimes escaped), a jewellers, a wool shop, a baby wear shop, a gift shop and of course Guru Boutique!!

Calling all local unsigned bands and solo artistes…


1558542_830509400299237_2442374632232426351_nHi there, would any of our musician friends with CD’s out, like Guru to stock them, and advertise them and try to sell them online too? I’ve just made a section in our shop and  on our website where we can promote and advertise local and/or unsigned bands… So just pop in if you wish, with some of your CD’s for us to display. If you don’t live locally, I’m sure you can get the CD’s and your details to us in other ways!!! Love, from the Gurus. xx

OUR GALLERY – places Guru lived: Court Arcade. This facade has been around for many decades, only what is behind it changes…

Court arcade 1972-1990

Court Arcade 1972-1990 – This is the facade which was saved when the old Court Cinema burnt down many years years ago. By the time we took up residence there, it was a shopping arcade called Court Arcade. The space behind this facade was nothing more than a long shed, divided into units. The units had concrete floors, asbestos in the ceilings, and no proper access to drinking water or toilet facilities. Never the less it became a fantastic ‘alternative’ arcade, and was well ahead of its time. We have many happy memories of our time there, and still remember and in many cases keep in touch with friends we made during those crazy days.           We LOVED it!!!