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This section of our blog contains images of Guru’s friends, models, stock, locations past and present – and just about anything else that we think is visually interesting too.
Message to our friends:
Please feel free to send us any relevant images of your own which you feel would fit in here (maybe things you have bought from us and love, etc). xxx

Stunning Crystals & Minerals


I’m inclined to drool over some of the stunning examples of natural crystals that we stock and so I’m sharing some of them here so that our friends can see what I mean. What a wonderful artist Mother Nature is. I think she is beyond compare… The image speaks for itself but if anyone needs some more information just add your comments or questions to this entry in our blog…


Some larger pieces of crystals, mineral and agate slices which were in Guru Boutique a few days ago at the time this snap was taken. I don’t think it will be long before some of them have gone to new homes so if you get the chance pop down to have a look for yourself. The rainbow light was sourced from Kelly’s Smellies, a lovely Facebook shop.



Lily Love: One of Guru Boutique’s faces of 2019 (to be revealed soon)!!! xx


Last time Lily popped into Guru we instantly knew she was our kind of girl. When she popped in again today I didn’t even realise it was her as she had changed her hair and added more piercings – but I did get the feeling, once again, that this was ‘our kind of girl’ – so imagine the delight when I realised it was actually her. Not only that but the young man that was with her has a talent for photography and will do a much better job of photographing her in our fair trade clothing if/when they do a session for us. I do hope this can happen during the next few weeks and I can guarantee that working together as a model and photographer they will produce some stunning images for us… SO, watch this space! 🙂 P.S. THANKS, Lily. xx

A T-shirt fit for the Guru Tribe…


A few years ago we ran a competition to design a T-Shirt suitable for the Guru Tribe. Here’s a bit about how it went…

“…after a lot of deliberation Joanna Morris (Northern Echo), our chief judge who I really do have to thank for doing a very difficult job so well, has picked Glenn Wigham’s handpainted T-shirt as the winner of our CUSTOMISE A GURU T-SHIRT COMPETITION. Joanna said: “Glenn’s entry was bold, colourful and provocative. Along with its touch of rebellion and non-conformity, it beautifully embodies the spirit of Guru and those who flock to the tiny shop that keeps Darlington’s counter-culture thriving and well-dressed”.



The image is of Glenn Wigham wearing his winning design. He wrote that his design is both a protest at the way the 1st world often exploits other cultures and a celebration of how the life, colour and vibrancy which the respectful appreciation of the art of those cultures provides, enhances and enriches all of our lives.

The Spirit of Guru Tribe



I exist without religious affiliation
I exist without political persuasion
I exist without sensory perceptions
I exist without any preconceptions

No nationality aligns me
No physicality confines me
No gender defines me
No limitations can ever bind me

I am pure energy
I am soul
I am alive and I will survive
I am the spirit of Guru Tribe…

Rhyme by Beryl Maughan Hankin. Image by Glenn Wigham


A Gift from a friend…


So proud of this fantastic image which the lovely Paul Magrs created of the unique building which Guru occupies (and donated to us out of the kindness of his heart). Captures the very spirit of the place in a way that photographs can’t… Do you know, I’d love it if we could paint our shop in these colours as it would so cheer everyone up but the powers that be would never allow it. Paul is a talented writer and artist and even more importantly a very kind and lovely human being…

Our friend and Guru model, Zoe!


Zoe just happened to be around one day when we needed a model. We felt so lucky when out of the blue we asked her and she said yes. She mentioned that she had done a little studio modelling before but not boho styles. I think we all agreed, however, that she really suited the boho look and that she was very natural and very good. Shortly after that, we read on social media that she went on to win the Alternative Model of The Year title… WOW!!! xx