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This Gallery contains all kinds of images of new stock, true friends, significant locations and memorable events – all connected with Guru Boutique.

It also has a sub-category entitled ‘Our Story – in photographs and images’!
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When you click on that sub-category you will find a collection of images taken from the main Gallery, but which relate more specifically to the story of Guru Boutique.
This section contains many Guru related things, such as locations we have occupied, people who have worked and dealt with us and also some of the events, which have taken place since we started out all those years ago.

We love browsing through our own images.
We also love it when you send in your pictures and messages about yourselves or the things you have bought from us over the years too.

Your Gallery: Hearts of Stone


The Gurus want to thank our friend Louise for this photograph of the cupped hands and crystal hearts she bought from us recently. The hearts are in Turquoise (healing), Goldstone (wealth), Opalite (joy) and Cherry quartz (friendship, love and affection.). We also stock Rose and Clear Quartz. The hearts are £4.50 each and the hand is £2.99. Nice choice, Louise.

Ted’s Candles


Since the late 1970’s we have had the privilege of stocking candles made relatively locally to us in Alston, by our friend and one of the finest candle makers ever, Ted Thompson. Apart from keeping small shops such as ours stocked, Ted has supplied candles to some more high-profile clients. His candle lit the celebrations on Glastonbury Tor on Millenium night, they have featured in Harry Potter films and they light parts of the famous Globe Theatre.

These are his hand dipped pairs which can be obtained in many gorgeous colours (he also supplies us with a fine range of beeswax candles). The colour runs right through each of his coloured candles. This lovely product looks great and burns beautifully too. The retail price for a pair is £2.80 and they are available on our website.


A Gift from a friend…


So proud of this fantastic image which the lovely Paul Magrs created of the unique building which Guru occupies (and donated to us out of the kindness of his heart). Captures the very spirit of the place in a way that photographs can’t… Do you know, I’d love it if we could paint our shop in these colours as it would so cheer everyone up but the powers that be would never allow it. Paul is a talented writer and artist and even more importantly a very kind and lovely human being…

Our latest publication is a spooky little book…


The title of our book which was published in September 2016 is…

The quaint little building number 24 Blackwellgate is central to our stories as can be gleaned from what follows:
‘The stories herein tend towards the supernatural including ghostly goings on, time travel, witchcraft and other spooky stuff.
They also touch upon social issues of the times they are set in, such as attitudes towards family values, same-sex love, relationships, religion, the class system and so on…
They will continue to flow from the author’s imaginations and into print to become a series. The first compilation covers various periods in time up to and including the 19th century. Any subsequent books will deal with different timescales right up to the present day.
This series centres on an attractive little building known as number 24 Blackwellgate, because we think it deserves to be famous simply for having managed to stay standing for so long whilst most of the other buildings around it have been demolished and rebuilt in different styles.
We also intend to expand our tales to take in Darlington in general, as we would love to clothe this beloved town in a mantle of legend, folklore, romance and mystery.
Whether part of the action takes place before number 24 was even built (as in Bridget’s story), in the tunnels below it (as in Rachal’s story), or in the rooms within it (as in Beryl’s stories), this surviving architectural gem of Darlington is the original inspiration behind it all.