Beryl’s blog: Wish I knew how to do more things…


I’m currently trying to add a second blog (for my own use) to the one I already manage for Guru Boutique. It’s driving me even more bonkers than I already am. Fortunately, I have a brilliant friend who might help me to get it up and running. This second blog will deal with things I find to be interesting, enlightening, worthwhile, beautiful or amusing.

I’ve called it Beryl Maughan Hankin and if I do get this personal blog going I’d love a few friends to join it and follow its progress.

The theme is HONESTY – hence the header image…


My profile image on it is taken from a sketch I once received on a card from the wonderfully crazy elderly gentleman and retired butler known as Mr Derek Hargreaves. He drew it himself and I love it to bits.


I’ll post a bit more about this when I’ve had the time and help needed to make it something like a half decent attempt at blogging and I’ll also post a link.

About Beryl Maughan Hankin

I'm Beryl and Guru Boutique is our shop. It is an independent, fair trade business established almost five decades ago and located in Darlington, UK. I work there with my best friends Tony and Colin. In addition to my many other duties, I manage the blog and social media sites for Guru Boutique and look after my own personal activities as well. Growing up back in the 1940s I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined such a thing as the internet, let alone a blog. However, here I am over seventy-five years later in 2019 with not only the blog I manage for Guru Boutique but one of my own too. To quote Jerry Garcia "What a long strange trip this has been" - and it's not over yet! (Guru Boutique's logo is based on a Mayan harvest deity and my own profile sketch is by Mr Derek Hargreaves)

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