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It could only happen in Guru…
It’s said that real life is stranger than fiction, and anyone who works in retail, hospitality, beauty or any of the service industries where you deal with the general public on a daily basis will probably agree with that.
After being associated with Guru Boutique for all these years we Gurus can definitely all vouch for it.
On an almost daily basis, there is something new to make us either giggle or gasp.
Obviously, we have lots of jokes, quotes and anecdotes which we’d like to share with people on here!
Depending on how these came about or who instigated them we’ve assigned them the following headings:
Only in Guru, Smithy Sez, Beryl’s Boobs, Beryl’s Handy Tips, Col’s Contributions, Kelly’s Quickies, Ray’s Ramblings, Smut Alert (Carry on Guru strikes again), Silly Stuff, Good Vibes and Observations.

Yes, I know this is an old saying but it really does apply to us, ‘you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps’!!!

Hope you enjoy reading about our antics and comments in this section as much as we did when we were experiencing them and if your work also involves coming face to face with the public you will probably relate to a few of them too…

ANECDOTE: (21/03/2017) – Beryl’s Boobs


A friendly customer came into Guru Boutique to buy some gifts. He got two items at £6.95 each and yet on the till I read 16.40. I turned to Tony and asked, “That can’t be right, can it? How much do you make £6.95 times two, please? I make it £13.90!” Colin who had been watching in amusement said, “you haven’t rung them in yet you clot, that figure on the till is THE TIME!”


QUOTE: (22/05/2015) – Good Vibes


hippieDon’t confuse being posh, or rich or poor or anything else with having a bit of class. Class in this context is not about social standing, how you dress or what possessions you have, but about how a person conducts his or herself – and we could do with a bit more of it at all levels!!!
The most threadbare and humble amongst us often have it in bucketloads, so here’s to all the ‘class acts’ out there, whoever and wherever you are as you are much appreciated.