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ANECDOTE: (31/08/2014) – Tony strikes again


Many people around here call their grandmother’s nana so Guru stocks some birthday cards for nana’s. We were talking about this fact and Tony told us that one of his grandmothers was known to him as ‘nana Smith’ and the other one who was a very strange lady as ‘nutty nana’.

Beryl said does that mean we should call you ‘Nutty Smith’? He laughed and said “no with my body the way it is “Nutty Slack”!!!

ANECDOTE: (31/08/2014) – Only in Guru


Lady came into Guru and asked me to read out some names of essential oils to her as she hadn’t got her glasses with her. I obliged and then her husband joined us telling me that his wife couldn’t see much without her specs, and handed her a pair of glasses which she promptly put on.

She peered through them at him and said “argh now I know what you look like, and God you’re ugly”!!!

ANECDOTE (31/08/2014) – Smut alert (Carry on Guru strikes again)


Warning SMUT ALERT (this is a bit rude):

Beryl’s on a bit of a diet, but it doesn’t stop her being a bit focussed on food however. Consequently she told Tony that when she had gone for coffee in Cafe Neri today, she had “fancied a pretty little tart with nuts”.

Tony replied “Oh, was it a transvestite then?”