Monthly Archives: August 2014

Smiffy Sez: Let it all hang out…


Many people around here call their grandmother’s Nana so Guru stocks some birthday cards for Nana’s. We were talking about this fact and Tony told us that one of his grandmothers was known to him as ‘Nana Smith’ and the other one who was a very strange lady as ‘nutty Nana’.

Beryl said does that mean we should call you ‘Nutty Smith’? He laughed and said “no with my body the way it is “Nutty Slack”!!!

Good Vibes: Doctor Guru…


Guru’s Beryl was serving a lady today, when the customer said “oh dear I have heartburn”, so quick as a flash Beryl produced a Remegel tablet from her pocket… The lady popped it in her mouth and exclaimed: “Oh thank you I feel so much better now, what a wonderful shop, not only do you sell people such lovely things but you cure their indigestion too!!!”

Smut Alert: History…


I was telling everyone at work I’d seen a programme on TV about Pompeii, and the person narrating it commented that there were a staggering number of statues, paintings, graffiti etc., depicting phallic symbols and she wondered what the meaning of these many penis references might be? Col grinned and said “they were probably just saying “this is where the big knobs hang out’!!!