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Guru’s Giggles: Ladylike…


A lady buying crystals just enquired if we had a stone which would help her to find peace, tranquillity and the ability not to give a toss!!! :

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Beryl Maughan It’s definitely getting to us. Today in Guru Beryl counted some change out into a ladies hand, only trouble was she was paying with a credit card. Then Tony tried to put a £20 note into the PDQ machine!!

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Beryl Maughan My friend Libby called into Guru today and mentioned the fact that I’d posted on here that when I woke up the other morning I’d “skipped” barefoot into my bathroom only to find it was flooded due to the thaw…
She said “how on earth do you manage to skip anywhere when you’ve just got up?” Tony butted in with “she always ‘skips to the loo my darling’!!!

Beryl’s Boobs: My Mistake…


A lady came to the counter carrying packs of Christmas cards and a patchwork back pack. Beryl took the cards off her, then reached for the bag, and opened the zip, as she wanted to unpack the filling from it.

The lady looked horrified, and then so did Beryl ‘cos instead of being full of bubble wrap, it contained the lady’s personal stuff, wallet etc.

“I bought that here last week” the poor customer protested.

After a shocked silence Beryl apologised, then they both saw the funny side, and ended up having to wipe tears of laughter from their eyes!