Welcome to our blog!

I am honoured to be the designated scribe of Guru Boutique, a small but unique fair trade retail business (the spirit of which was established in 1972), and a place which I think is one of the best and most friendly physical and online shops to visit in the world! Beryl. xx

The staff currently consists of Tony, myself (Beryl) and Colin, but we have to also include our late co-founder, Beryl’s mam (Irene Maughan) as she is always in our hearts and minds. There are many other fantastic people who have helped Guru over the years and who have subsequently become much-loved friends. You can read about some of them further down this page.


The photograph above was taken by our long-time friend Libby Deacon.

As well as being a long established independent retailer from time to time Guru publishes books, greetings cards, pamphlets, etc., plus organise events and competitions. It might be a good idea to check in here quite often, to keep up to date with the latest news which can be found in our (humorously titled) ‘HOT BLOG’

Great ways to keep in touch would be to either call in and see us at our shop in Darlington or to visit our main website’s homepage https://guruboutique.co.uk/  Once there you can browse our stocks of aromatic incense, essential oils, healing crystals, quality greetings cards, fair trade gifts, clothes, accessories, soft furnishings and textiles, funky tights, comics, Alchemy Gothic and music-related merchandise, etc. From our website, you can also join “Smoke Signals” our friendly and informative newsletter to our tribe and access our social media pages!


A few images of some of the treasures that can be found in Guru Boutique. The sharper professional looking ones were captured by our friends Dave Shaw and Ian Wright. The more blurry ones were taken by me…

We have recently added fair trade home furnishings and home stuff to our repertoire

At Guru Boutique we are very proud of the variety and quality of our greetings cards selection. The gift items we sell are carefully sourced from Fair Trade, independent and where possible local companies…

Aromatic incense is soothing plus mood enhancing and we carry an excellent selection.

We stock figurines of Buddha, Ganesh and other deities, mala beads, singing bowls, etc.

All of us at Guru love helping both our male and female customers select from our clothing, jewellery and accessories collections.

As well as having a selection of Tarot and Oracle cards and other spiritual items, we also have for sale many beautiful, natural healing crystals and minerals which are nature’s very own works of art.

The Gurus look forward to welcoming you to our physical shop or website soon.

We have examples of all of the interesting items shown above and so much more!!!

Never in our wildest dreams did we foresee that little Guru Boutique would survive for almost five decades. I’m happy to report that we have and that we’re looking to the future with just as much hope, imagination and enthusiasm as ever!

Watch and partake as the brave adventure continues…

Trading hours in the shop are 11 until 2.30 Sundays. 9 until 5 Mondays to Saturdays. Times may vary on bank holidays, etc. Our secure website is ALWAYS OPEN where you can send us messages via the contact form.

Our physical shop’s address is Guru Boutique, 24, Blackwellgate, Darlington, DL1 5HG (Tel:01325 461479)

Our website’s address is https://guruboutique.co.uk/

We also can be reached on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc., as Guru Boutique.

In case you do fancy calling in to see us, this is our lovely shop where you will be sure of a warm welcome…

Wishing love, luck and laughs to all our fabulous friends, wherever you are!

Above all things we value friendship. Without our friends, Guru would not have survived to this present day.

P.S. If you scroll through our ‘Hot Blog’ section you can read about the legend of Guru Tribe which is a fun post about some of those friends who have been part of our story…

Finally, here’s a little rhyme which I think sums us up.


I exist without religious affiliation
I exist without political persuasion
I exist without sensory perceptions
I exist without any preconceptions

No nationality aligns me
No physicality confines me
No gender defines me
No limitations can ever bind me

I am pure energy
I am soul
I am alive and I will survive
I am the spirit of Guru Tribe…

Rhyme by Beryl Maughan Hankin. Image by Glenn Wigham.


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  1. Hi Beryl trying to do my bit by shopping, though fleapit wont load anything at all? Just thought i’d let you know in case there is a prob.ok going back to shopping now,lol Anita x

  2. I’ve long been a Guru Boutique fan, always helpful always kind also with a pinch of crazy in the mix. We wouldn’t be part of such a wonderful tribe without you Beryl, keeper of the till, LOVE TO YOU ALL ANITA XXX

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