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About Guru Boutique

This is a blog about a small business which has managed to survive for over four decades. In 1972 this business became Guru Boutique. Guru Boutique is much more than a business it is both a way of life and a labour of love!

Your Gallery: Hearts of Stone


The Gurus want to thank our friend Louise for this photograph of the cupped hands and crystal hearts she bought from us recently. The hearts are in Turquoise (healing), Goldstone (wealth), Opalite (joy) and Cherry quartz (friendship, love and affection.). We also stock Rose and Clear Quartz. The hearts are £4.50 each and the hand is £2.99. Nice choice, Louise.

The Edward Pease Free Library in Darlington


Today is the day that Darlington Borough Councillors have to decide the future fate of this iconic institution which was gifted to the people of the town to be used as a library forever, by the Pease family. For financial reasons, the cabinet members on our council decided, it is in the best interests of the town that the building should no longer be used for this purpose. All the members of DBC will vote to decide whether or not the building which is in Crown Street, will cease to be a library and the books and archives and art collection split up and relocated in various places around town. It is thought that the ruling party will win this vote and therefore the library’s fate will be sealed. To me, this library in this building is an important part of the heritage of my town and I want to see it stay intact and go from strength to strength. I don’t welcome this detrimental move at all and I am not alone in that. I believe this place is the soul of the town and to lose it would be to lose part of our Quaker history and dilute our sense of identity and deny future generations their hometown pride.

Photograph by Peter Giroux

Ted’s Candles


Since the late 1970’s we have had the privilege of stocking candles made relatively locally to us in Alston, by our friend and one of the finest candle makers ever, Ted Thompson. Apart from keeping small shops such as ours stocked, Ted has supplied candles to some more high-profile clients. His candle lit the celebrations on Glastonbury Tor on Millenium night, they have featured in Harry Potter films and they light parts of the famous Globe Theatre.

These are his hand dipped pairs which can be obtained in many gorgeous colours (he also supplies us with a fine range of beeswax candles). The colour runs right through each of his coloured candles. This lovely product looks great and burns beautifully too. The retail price for a pair is £2.80 and they are available on our website.


A Gift from a friend…


So proud of this fantastic image which the lovely Paul Magrs created of the unique building which Guru occupies (and donated to us out of the kindness of his heart). Captures the very spirit of the place in a way that photographs can’t… Do you know, I’d love it if we could paint our shop in these colours as it would so cheer everyone up but the powers that be would never allow it. Paul is a talented writer and artist and even more importantly a very kind and lovely human being…