Guru’s Giggles: Crystal gazing…


We once had a lovely Saturday girl named Caroline. One day a lady came in and announced she was a clairvoyant and could she look at our crystal balls. Caroline showed her to the glass cabinet where they were on display and the lady took them out one by one and carefully handled each in turn before suddenly crying out, “This, this is the one!” Then turning to Caroline she continued, “look carefully dear, and tell me if you can you see something in this crystal?” Caroline stared into it for a while and then declared, “Yes, I can.” Delightedly the lady asked, “What can you see?” Our honest girl replied, “I can see your shopping. It’s down there by your feet!!!”



About Beryl Maughan Hankin

I'm Beryl, the proprietor and scribe of Guru Boutique. Guru is an independent, fair trade business established almost five decades ago and located in Darlington, UK. I work there with my best friends Tony and Colin. In addition to my other duties, I manage social media for the shop and for myself. Growing up back in the 1940s I never could have imagined such a thing as the internet, let alone social media. However, here I am, well over seventy years later being able to communicate with the world via such things. To quote Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead, "What a long strange trip this has been" - and it's not over yet! (Guru Boutique's logo is based on a Mayan harvest deity).

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