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It could only happen in Guru…
It’s said that real life is stranger than fiction, and anyone who works in retail, hospitality, beauty or any of the service industries where you deal with the general public on a daily basis will probably agree with that.
After being associated with Guru Boutique for all these years we Gurus can definitely all vouch for it.
On an almost daily basis, there is something new to make us either giggle or gasp.
Obviously, we have lots of jokes, quotes and anecdotes which we’d like to share with people on here!
Depending on how these came about or who instigated them we’ve assigned them the following headings:
Only in Guru, Smithy Sez, Beryl’s Boobs, Col’s Contributions, Kelly’s Quickies, Ray’s Ramblings, Smut Alert (Carry on Guru strikes again), Silly Stuff, Good Vibes and Observations.

Yes, I know this is an old saying but it really does apply to us, ‘you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps’!!!

Hope you enjoy reading about our antics and comments in this section as much as we did when we were experiencing them and if your work also involves coming face to face with the public you will probably relate to a few of them too…

ANECDOTE: (27/02/2015) – Smithy Sez


We got a phone call tonight just as we were leaving work. Tony picked it up, and the person on the line told him she was from the Governments work records service and said their records showed that there were people at this number who had previously worked in noisy industries, and added, “is this correct?”. With a wicked smile Tony replied, “can you speak up please, I can’t hear you”!!!

JOKE: (27/02/2015) – Smithy Sez


The Gurus called at a convenience store tonight to buy booze. While they were waiting in the car for Beryl (who was in the shop), Tony said to Col, “have you seen that window, it’s got nothing in it but six toilet rolls, what a sh*t display”!!!
Then he saw a lady coming out of the shop and commented “I know that person, she’s a friend of St Cuthbert’s”, meaning she helped the church with fundraising, etc. He then added, “I can hardly believe it mind, as she looks very well preserved if she’s that age”…

QUOTE: (10/02/2015) – Observations


Indi Garcha (1970’s)


Indi Garcha (2015)

“in my opinion, one of the greatest tragedies in human development has been the reliance upon religious dogma from all faiths when it concerns, the universe, science, morality, evolution, civil rights i.e. women, slavery etc. We really need to take stock and grow as a race, if we are to survive…” 

(Indi Garcha)

Footnote: Indi has been a true friend of Guru Boutique since 1972 and still is to this very day.