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It’s said that life really is stranger than fiction.
Anyone who works in retail, hospitality, beauty, healthcare or any of the service industries where you deal with the general public on a daily basis will probably agree with that.
Just so you’ll know the kind of thing you may read here and who originated them, we’ve given them categories of their own which are as follows:
Smifffy Sez
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Col’s Contributions
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and last but not least, Smut Alert…

Beryl’s Boobs: Life Saver…


Beryl had everyone crying with laughter in the hospital (including herself), when trying to describe what Col had done to help someone who they had brought in because they had swallowed something that almost choked them. She was describing to the nurse what had occurred, and instead of saying the Heimlich manoever, said that Col had done the Hein Gericke movement on the patient!!! Hein Gericke of course is a brand of motorcycle clothing…

Smiffy Sez: Something Silly!


Lady in Guru asked if we still had a pack of a certain penguin Christmas card. Beryl looked for her, but the ones she found were not the ones she wanted. Then Tony found her a different pack, but they didn’t suit either, but instead of putting it back where he found it, he just dropped it at Beryl’s feet for her to pick up. “Oi, why did you do that?” Beryl asked. He cheekily replied “‘cos I thought you might like to ‘p-p-p-pick up a penguin”!!!