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Indi’s View!


Indi Garcha (the 1970’s)


Indi Garcha (2015)

“in my opinion, one of the greatest tragedies in human development has been the reliance upon religious dogma from all faiths when it concerns the universe, science, morality, evolution, civil rights i.e. women, slavery etc. We really need to take stock and grow as a race, if we are to survive…” 

(Indi Garcha)

Footnote: Indi has been a friend of some of us at Guru Boutique since 1972 – and still is to this very day. I consider him to be a person who has transcended the path he was expected to follow and who don’t just blindly accept the destiny/religion/life he was born into but asks questions in order to seek some sort of personal truth. Whilst I don’t always agree with all he says, I do agree that extremists and zealots of all kinds usually exacerbate the ills of this world.

His work as an engineer has taken him all over the planet, so he has had experience of many cultures and many situations and therefore it follows that he will have learned such a lot about human nature.

Yet, from what I have observed, he always seems to comes back to Darlington to hang out with family/friends/people he knows from his earlier life, with whom he still has a bond. No-one should ever take Indi for granted or think they have him sussed, because it’s a certainty that they haven’t.

Lovely nostalgic photograph from friends and longtime customers, Mo and Lynne. Big THANKS for sending it to us! xx


Mo Jackson kindly posted this gorgeous photo of herself and her friend Lynne Ruck (nee Pinkney)… She wrote “Myself, Mo (Moggy) Jackson and Lynne Pinkney in new dresses we bought at ‘GURU’…” This makes us feel so proud!!! This photo must have been taken in the mid 1970’s, and Mo and Lynne are every bit as beautiful now!