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This Gallery contains all kinds of images of new stock, true friends, significant locations and memorable events – all connected with Guru Boutique.

It also has a sub-category entitled ‘Our Story – in photographs and images’!
This can be found on the sidebar of our homepage, in the category menu.
When you click on that sub-category you will find a collection of images taken from the main Gallery, but which relate more specifically to the story of Guru Boutique.
This section contains many Guru related things, such as locations we have occupied, people who have worked and dealt with us and also some of the events, which have taken place since we started out all those years ago.

We love browsing through our own images.
We also love it when you send in your pictures and messages about yourselves or the things you have bought from us over the years too.

Our friend and Guru model, Zoe!


Zoe just happened to be around one day when we needed a model. We felt so lucky when out of the blue we asked her and she said yes. She mentioned that she had done a little studio modelling before but not boho styles. I think we all agreed, however, that she really suited the boho look and that she was very natural and very good. Shortly after that, we read on social media that she went on to win the Alternative Model of The Year title… WOW!!! xx