Tom Waits (Edinburgh Playhouse – 28/07/2008)


One of the most memorable gigs we ever attended – more to follow when time allows…

Here is one review of this phenomenal gig from Alexis Petridis

The Guardian, Tuesday 29 July 2008

Tom Waits stands before a backdrop of battered megaphones, not so much acknowledging the standing ovation as orchestrating it. And as yet he hasn’t even played a note. He wiggles his fingers to denote that he requires the applause to become more vociferous, pretends to be buffeted by the ensuing roar when it does, removes his bowler hat and bows low.

Shamelessly milking a crowd who’ve endured some pretty byzantine anti-touting measures (you’re required to turn up bearing not just your hugely expensive ticket but your passport and bank card), Waits has something of the fairground barker about him; which seems ironic, given his notoriously idiosyncratic attitude to self-promotion.

The last time he played Britain, Waits hadn’t been here in 17 years, and it was for one show only – and was heralded by an interview in which he announced that he had no intention of coming here again for the foreseeable future.

The two Edinburgh dates on his Glitter And Doom tour arrive fewer than four years later – and by Waits’ standards they must be positively hot on the heels – but they come in no less peculiar circumstances. He publicised them by posting a video on YouTube in which he claimed that the tour’s schedule had been decided by astrology and that those who cared to look might find an illuminating acronym in the first letters of the towns and cities he was visiting.

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