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Observations: Indi’s View!


Indi Garcha (1970’s)


Indi Garcha (2015)

“in my opinion, one of the greatest tragedies in human development has been the reliance upon religious dogma from all faiths when it concerns, the universe, science, morality, evolution, civil rights i.e. women, slavery etc. We really need to take stock and grow as a race, if we are to survive…” 

(Indi Garcha)

Footnote: Indi has been a true friend of Guru Boutique since 1972 and still is to this very day.

Good Vibes: Doctor Guru…


Guru’s Beryl was serving a lady today, when the customer said “oh dear I have heartburn”, so quick as a flash Beryl produced a Remegel tablet from her pocket… The lady popped it in her mouth and exclaimed: “Oh thank you I feel so much better now, what a wonderful shop, not only do you sell people such lovely things but you cure their indigestion too!!!”

Good Vibes: Takes All Sorts…


A bloke we’ve nicknamed ‘man with a mission’ was in Guru yet again today. He walks in very purposefully, goes to the same shelves every time, never buys anything, then turns on his heel and walks out just as quickly as he comes in. He’s been behaving like this for years now. Kelly said he once sat next to her on the bus and he showed her a ‘photo’ of his ‘girlfriend’ and it was a picture he’d cut out of an Argos catalogue.

This is as strange as it’s sad… He’s not harming anyone and we always smile and try to make him feel welcome.

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MUSIC: First encounters of a musical kind…



This is just a personal comment from me, about fascinating early encounters with music.

When I was a small girl back in the early 1940’s I used to try to peer into the radio whenever I heard singing or instruments being played, in an attempt to try and see if there were tiny magical beings in there making the inexplicable sounds I could hear. This sense of wonder has stayed with me right up to the present day, and good music of all kinds has been and always will be, a very important part of life…