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This section of the Gallery has photographs and images of most of the places that the spirit (which is ever present around the whole history and concept of Guru Boutique), has occupied since it sparked into life in 1971.
It also shows some of the wonderful people we Gurus have worked with or dealt with, plus many of the events we have been involved in over the years…

For those who don’t already know us, the names of the four of us who work in Guru Boutique are as follows:
Tony Smith – the backbone of the outfit.
Colin Harrison – the rebel of the pack.
Kelly McWilliams – the practical one amongst us.
Beryl Maughan Hankin (me) – the nutter.

Together I think we made an ideal team!

A Gift from a friend…


So proud of this fantastic image which the lovely Paul Magrs created of the unique building which Guru occupies (and donated to us out of the kindness of his heart). Captures the very spirit of the place in a way that photographs can’t… Do you know, I’d love it if we could paint our shop in these colours as it would so cheer everyone up but the powers that be would never allow it. Paul is a talented writer and artist and even more importantly a very kind and lovely human being…

OUR GALLERY – places Guru lived: Court Arcade (late 1970’s)


One of Guru’s three units in Court Arcade in the late 1970’s – Window dressing by Lorraine Bailey! This arcade was ahead of its time, as it was a truly exciting and alternative place to be. Over the years there was a saleroom, a diner, a Spencers trousers shop, a couple of comic shops, an American clothing shop, a retro shop, a joke and magic shop, a wool shop, several record shops (including ours), a pet shop (with snakes which sometimes escaped), a jewellers, a wool shop, a baby wear shop, a gift shop and of course Guru Boutique!!

OUR GALLERY – places Guru lived: Court Arcade. This facade has been around for many decades, only what is behind it changes…

Court arcade 1972-1990

Court Arcade 1972-1990 – This is the facade which was saved when the old Court Cinema burnt down many years years ago. By the time we took up residence there, it was a shopping arcade called Court Arcade. The space behind this facade was nothing more than a long shed, divided into units. The units had concrete floors, asbestos in the ceilings, and no proper access to drinking water or toilet facilities. Never the less it became a fantastic ‘alternative’ arcade, and was well ahead of its time. We have many happy memories of our time there, and still remember and in many cases keep in touch with friends we made during those crazy days.           We LOVED it!!!